When shopping for camping supplies, there are a plenty of high street stores that supply every thing you need. But they do come at a price, these are my cheaper alternatives from IKEA. There are so many products that can be used, but I will show you my favourite 12, and if you were to buy every thing on this list it would only come to £36.45.


4 x Plastic Cups | Laundry Bag | Travel Bottles

Plastic Cups – Available in different sizes, they stack easily and much more sturdy than other cups we have tried.

Laundry Bag – Fold flat so it doesn’t take up much room in the car, then leave in the corner of the tent to put all the dirty laundry. With the carry handles, it makes it easy for trips up to the washing machines on the camp site.

Travel Bottles – These are one of our favourites, we use them for washing up liquid, disinfectant like Zoflora, hand gel and liquid soap. Just keep them in your kitchen box, and never worry about forgetting washing up liquid ever again.


Storage Box | Fleece Blanket | Lantern

Storage Box – The boxes are £2.50, they fold flat for transporting but are great for storing food, spare clothes, kids toys. Available in many different colours too.

Blanket – A 130×170 cm fleece blanket for £3, its amazing. Use them in the evening sitting around the camp fire, place one under an air bed to stop the chill, use it as a rug in the tent, or just snuggle in bed and keep warm.

Lantern – With the glass surround these are great, even when windy they stay alight. You can hang a couple either side of the tent on some shepherds hooks, or from the centre pole in a bell tent.  They create such a cosy atmosphere in the evening.


Knife | Bag Set | Table

Knife – Not only does this knife come with a cover, so it’s safe to pack away in your kitchen box, with out any worry of cutting your fingers. It also costs less than £1 and its actually very sharp, they also come in multiple colours.

Bag Set – Perfect for many items, first aid bag, tools, toiletries, torches or spare batteries.  Keeps every thing tidy and organised.

Table – With a slight “IKEA hack” of using a bolt to screw the legs together, and not adding the circle.  This table fold flats for transporting, makes a great bedside table, coffee table and also doubles up as a tray.


Rug | Storage Unit | Bag

Rug – Made using recycled cotton, each one is unique and all equally beautiful. They are a great way to had warmth to the floor, plus they can be washed in a washing machine.

Storage Unit – This is new to IKEA, and has been invaluable on our camping trips. For £4 you get the 2 trays, but you can make it as high as you want be using additional units. We keep them just the 2 levels high and they fit under our camping table and hides all the places, bowls, cutlery. Then we have one by our bed to keep the torches, books and phones on.

Bag – These bags are just amazing, better then a suitcase, they fold flat when not in use, but they can pack a surprising amount of clothes. Take a spare one to take home any muddy clothes after your camping trip