This is my up to date Festival Packing List for Camp Bestival.  Last year was my first festival, first time camping as an adult and the first time camping with children. I wrote a packing list to help organise myself and shared it with you all. Would I do things differently this year? I sure would and this is my updated packing list for Camp Bestival:

festival camping

But basically split it into sections..


  • Tent – Pegs – Mallet < Still the same, but make sure your tent is decent, ours was cheap and it broke! This year we are taking a bell tent.
  • Lantern – Torch – Glow Sticks < Again, these are a must, even with a  torch I lost count of the times we tripped over guy ropes trying to get to the toilets in the night.
  • Air Beds – Foot Pump < We took 2 doubles last year and I hated it! I ended up sleeping on the floor between the 2, whilst the girls were on one, and the husband and baby had the other. This year we are having 5 singles air beds. Update 2, we now have 5 single camp beds, saves having to inflate them each morning.
  • Sleeping Bags – Pillows – Blankets < I officially don’t do sleeping bags! I hated the restriction of them, so this year it will be duvets, pillows and sheets over the air beds. Update 2, so after trying out a sleeping bag, I am converted and they feel more cosier. Just invest in a decent one if you are camping regularly.
  • Ground Sheet

  • Camping Chairs < We took 5 last year, and the kids barely sat still, so I will take a picnic rug for them and just 2 chairs for me and Dan. Update 2, We will take a picnic bench for the kids.
  • Wind Sock & Pole (May help you locate tent easier) < We relied on our friends last year, but they had quite a popular one, so it defeated the object, luckily some one camping behind us had a huge flying pig! I am currently on the look out for some thing unique!
  • Swiss Army Knife – Also some scissors!
  • Large Cool Box  < Our ice blocks all melted quite quickly, but the empty cool box was handy for storing bacon and milk brought from the store within the Festival ready for breakfast each day. Also take frozen cartons of milk and bacon etc and it will be cold still for day 2.



  • Gas Cooker – Spare Gas < We just took our small 1 gas burner cooker, this year we will take our bigger one with 2 gas burners and a toaster facility.
  • Plates – Bowls – Cups – Cutlery
  • Washing Up Bowl – Liquid – Cloth < and a drying up cloth!
  • Rubbish Bags – Remove packaging from every thing before getting to the festival.
  • Sauce Pans – Kettle
  • Kitchen Roll

Food & Drink:

  • Bottled Water < Again not needed, there are so many water facilities doted around the festival, just bring an empty bottle and keep topping up.
  • UHT Milk  (Freeze beforehand it will last longer in the cool box)
  • Cereal – Muesli Bars
  • Crisps
  • Fruit
  • Tea – Coffee – Sugar
  • Tinned Foods (Remember a tin opener)
  • Eggs
  • Bread, Jam, Chocolate spread
  • Squash
  • Cider (Remember NO GLASS)
  • Wine
  • Pasta


  • Medicines < I went over board with this, as I always worry with the kids, but I didn’t need to, there was a fantastic pharmacy within the Festival.
  • First Aid < I will just use the one we have in the car and leave it there just in case its needed.
  • Soap – Shower Gel < lol We never went near a shower the whole time, just take a few packs of baby wipes to freshen up every morning.
  • Towel – Flannel < Wet wipes!
  • Tooth Brush & Paste
  • Nappies – Wet Wipes, and nappy sacks.
  • Toilet Roll – Always carry one with you.
  • Insect Repellant < Never had any problem with insects
  • Hair Brush – Bobbles
  • Face Paints & Glitter Tattoos
  • Sun Cream & After Sun Lotion

Getting About:

  • Garden Trolley (Decorate to match the fancy dress theme) < This year we have changed to a folding one, will update you later on how it survives the hills.
  • Bike Lock < We never used this, it was all very friendly and safe feeling
  • Cushions < some sort of padding in the garden trolley is a good idea if you are using one.
  • Solar Fairy Lights
  • Ear Defenders < We didn’t take any last year, but our eldest couldn’t stand the noise levels in the big top, so we will take some for her, but they are readily available to buy in the festival shops.
  • Sharpie pen (Tattoo your number on your child’s’ arm) < They provide arm bands for kids if you want one.
  • Small Cool Bag for Snacks


  • Rain Ponchos – Umbrella
  • Wellies – Socks
  • Sun Hat – Glasses
  • Warm Evening Clothes
  • Flip Flops
  • Fancy Dress (Wild Theme)

For the Kids:

  • Bubbles < a must!
  • Toys < Maybe some outdoor type games like tennis to play around the camping area


The finale at Camp Bestival is amazing

Important Bits:

  • Tickets
  • Money
  • Phone, Camera & Charger < Remember a power bank for charging back at the tent. In the festival there are charging points.
  • Safe Place to hid valuables< I just kept important things like car keys, and money on us, and never had a problem with general items in the tent.

I hope it helps, and maybe see you there!