All bell tent owners know the benefits of having a canvas tent. But when it comes to folding it back up and trying to squeeze the vast amounts of canvas back into its tiny bag, its not so fun! I am hoping this tutorial will help you. I do have a ZIG bell tent and keep the ground sheet and canvas separate. We store our ground sheet in a blue IKEA bag, as they are water proof and give protection to the car from the wet ground sheet.

After camping I undo the zips and lay the canvas out on the ground sheet like I explain below, fold and put in the bag, then I fold the ground sheet separately before putting into the IKEA bag. But for this post I am going to do them individually so you can see how I fold it more clearly.

Step One – Unpeg the ground sheet, going from the front door to the back of tent, fold it in half.  If you were to have a SIG bell tent, you would spread the canvas over the ground sheet and then fold as follows.

Step Two – Fold again in quarters.

Step Three – Fold it in half again, keeping the ground sheet as smooth as possible

Step Four – Fold it in half again, leaving a long narrow section of ground sheet which is the same length as the IKEA bag. Place the end of the ground sheet into the bag.

Step Five – Roll up as tight as possible from the other end, so it rolls straight into the IKEA bag.

Step Six – Pull the sides of the bag up around the ground sheet and its done.

Step Seven – Tie the handles together to keep it securely and make it easier to carry.

Now for the canvas of the bell tent. Grab the top of the tent and then spread all the rest of canvas out in the opposite direction. It is easier if you can ask some one to keep hold of the top of the tent whilst you spread the walls of the tent out.

Step One – Working from the left side of the tent, fold it over to nearly reach the opposite side.

Step Two – Fold the right hand side over to the left.

Step Three – Fold the top down to the bottom of the tent wall.

Step Four – Fold it in half along the bottom, so its now with width of the folded tent poles. Lay your poles along the bottom edge of the tent. This make sure the rolled up canvas will be the correct size for the bag.

Step Five – Working from the top of the tent, roll it really tightly until you get to the poles and tuck them into the canvas. The it will be the perfect length and size for the bag your tent came with.

Step Six – Tuck one end of the rolled up tent into the bag and wiggle it over.  There will be plenty of room.

There you have it, it works every time. Also keeping them separately means they aren’t so heavy to handle. Also note we have a flashing kit installed and it does not cause any problems when folding the bell tent. I hope you find this guide useful.