So this weekend despite the yellow weather warning of torrential rain, we braved taking the bell tent for its first outing of the year. Which meant I could finally install the flashing kit, and get to use our new Outbacker Firebox Stove. Luckily the weather was kind to us and we enjoyed 2 days of glorious sunshine, one night of rain and a slightly damp pack down. Currently, the bell tent is attached to the top floor bannister and hanging down the stairwell until its dry.

From my own experience of bell tenting, I have longed for a stove for over 3 years now. Scared to take the plunge, worried about the size of the stove in the car, and even more scared about cutting “THAT” hole. It was time to stop lusting over beautiful bell tents with their chimneys standing proud. I will take you with us on our journey of installing the flue kit, and I thought it may be helpful to do a step by step guide and hopefully put your nerves to rest too.

We went for a roof exit stove, and a 45° Tent Flashing Kit for the Outbacker Firebox Stove, it also works with the Frontier Stove too.

Step One – Unscrew the back of the flashing kit and remove the metal plate. Using a pen and the metal plate as a stencil, mark the screw holes.  Also, draw around the inside circle, this will be the bit of fabric you cut away. I used a very small screw driver to stab the screw holes, and a very sharp knife to cut around the circle.

Step Two – Go to the outside of the tent and line up the screws of the flashing kit with the holes and push them through. It’s easier if you can get someone to help support it from the other side whilst you do this.

Step Three – Push the metal plate onto the screws and attach the wing nuts. On the outside, you will need someone with an allen key to hold the screws whilst you tighten the nuts inside.

Step Four – Place your stove on a heat proof mat or slate tiles. I found a sample tile in B&Q for £1 which was the perfect size to go under the stove. Attach the first bit of the flue to the stove, then attach the next few until it’s enough to push through the flashing kit.

Step Five – Now attach the rest of the flue pipes together with the arrester at the top and attach from the outside. That is it, one flashing kit installed. Just light the fire, put a kettle on top and enjoy your toasty warm bell tent.